CPFAQ: Collecting Quora Topics

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I’m working on a project this year to build a competitive programming FAQ. This is one in a series of articles describing the research, writing, and tool creation process. To read the whole series, see my CPFAQ category page.

In recent weeks, I have been experimenting with ways to collect Quora questions, especially those that don’t appear in standard views like search engine results and the All Questions page. But I also want to make sure that the questions I collect from alternative sources are relevant, since I eventually need to manually evaluate the best questions for a FAQ. Last week I started filtering on the Competitive Programming topic tag, but I realized that this can filter out relevant questions. To see why that is, I’m investigating how Quora topics work.

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CPFAQ: Collecting Quora Questions, Part 2

I’m building a webliography of competitive programming resources, and I’m currently focusing on Quora questions. So far, I have extracted questions from search engine results and from the All Questions page that Quora generates. But as I mentioned last week, only a small fraction of the available topic questions appear in those locations. Where are […]


CPFAQ: Collecting Quora Questions

Last week, I wrote about using search engine results to collect links to import into Webliographer. I used three search engine features: standard search, standard search with duplicates included, and site-specific search. Each of these features had pros and cons: Standard search returned results from more domains, but with fewer results per domain. Standard search […]


CPFAQ: Importing Search Results

The purpose of Webliographer is to collect and manage web references (URLs). A good way to get a baseline set of references on a topic is to import the results of a web search. But if you use a search engine this way, you’ll find some quirks that don’t appear when you’re searching interactively.


A Project for 2018

Happy 2018, everyone. In my end-of-year post for 2017, I wrote a summary of the programming project that I worked on last year, along with lessons learned from the experience. For 2018, I have a new project in mind.


Time Tortoise: Future Plans

This is one in a series of articles about Time Tortoise, a Universal Windows Platform app for planning and tracking your work schedule. For more on the development of this app and the ideas behind it, see my Time Tortoise category page. I’m wrapping up a year of working on my Time Tortoise programming project. […]