Initial Commit: Time Tortoise

Time Tortoise

Since the beginning of the year, I have been doing some research for a project related to time tracking. As part of the research, I build a tiny sample app to try out the technology stack that I’ll be using.

This week, I’m making my first few commits to the GitHub repository that I’ll be using for the real app. The app also now has a name, Time Tortoise, and a logo, the stern-looking creature at the top of this post.

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Unit Testing UWP Apps, Part 2

Last week, I wrote about the basics of unit testing UWP apps, including steps required to get and code coverage working together. This week, I’ll cover a few more unit testing topics related to testing components in isolation. That will wrap up the UWP example app that I have been building over the last […]


EF Core and SQLite for UWP Apps

This year, I’m building a UWP time tracking app. Last week, I covered some details about Model-View-ViewModel, a pattern that helps simplify user interface code and make it more testable. This week, I’m going to explore the data layer technologies that I’ll be using: Entity Framework and SQLite.


UWP, C#, XAML, MVVM, EF, and SQLite

Last week, I described a programming project that I’m starting this year. It’s a time tracking app that not only records what you decide to spend time on, but also tries to influence those decisions. I’ll get into the initial coding details next week. This week, I’ll expand on the technology stack that I’m using.


A Project for 2017

Happy New Year! This is the start of Year 3 of this blog. For an overview of the past two years, see my review posts: Summer Review (January to July 2015) Red-Green-Code: 2015 in Review (the rest of 2015) Red-Green-Code: 2016 in Review (all of 2016) For 2017, I have decided to start a new […]


2016 Work Habits Checklist

With 2016 wrapping up, I have my traditional end-of-year review planned for next week. In that post, I’ll go over all of the articles from this year. This week, I’m reviewing a more specific topic. If you have been following along for the last couple of years, you know that I write a lot about […]